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Culinary talent, passion, experience, creativity – these are the ingredients that constitute the recipe for unique BBQ sauces by G&B. Rich, original flavours perfectly emphasising the features of grilled dishes, steaks, burgers or good beef are the essence of what chefs expect from top quality sauces. BBQ sauces by G&B were conceptualised by Piotr Bassara, a chef and the owner of popular Steakhouse Restaurant in Dębica, who can be confidently described as a taste traveller.

Our expert

PIotr Bassara

Piotr Bassara achieved perfection in the preparation of grilled dishes thanks to, among other things, his long stay in the United States, i.e. in the homeland of BBQ. Today, Piotr Bassara shares his American Dream with us – sauces intended primarily for meat, but also burgers and marinades. A good steak must have a worthy supplement so as not to lose the quality of meat. Barbecue sauces by G&B guarantee a feast of tastes. It is a combination of American secrets of BBQ mastery with Polish culinary fantasy supplemented by many years of experience in the kitchen.

G&B sauces are dedicated for professional gastronomy as well as for demanding individual customers. Taste the products from the premium segment and share them with your loved ones.

Serve grilled dishes full of flavours and aromas – seasoned perfectly!

G&B Spice Story


Please read the opinions of our customers.

"In the summer season, barbecue is the basis for outdoor events. The bigger the event, the greater the expectations of all participants. I am involved in several projects in which the participants are not satisfied with only ketchup and mustard. What's more, I get more and more opinions that BBQ sauces are basically identical. That's why I decided to go for a novelty and I wasn't disappointed, because the intensity and aromas of G&B sauces are, in my opinion, on an unprecedented level."


Paulina, organiser of outdoor events

"I run a bistro specialising in burgers and steaks. I've been looking for something new for a long time. Sauces that will distinguish my dishes from the competition. After a few days of testing G&B sauces, I ended my search. I was looking for such sauces - expressive, juicy, not dripping off meat, but emphasising its features. G&B sauces got the seal of approval of my bistro and our customers.


Marek, chef from Mazovia

I love BBQ sauces. I try everything that comes up on the market. Reviews are sometimes different, but I have to admit that G&B sauces have the climate of USA. What was the taste of a tomahawk steak according to my secret recipe updated with BBQ Classic Sauce? Surprisingly familiar. Memories from a tasting on one of the ranches in Texas have returned.”


Adam, BBQ blogger


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