BBQ Chipotle Sauce

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BBQ Chipotle Sauce - the essence of spiciness. Chipotles is the name for Jalapeno pepper, dried, smoked and cooked in an aromatic tomato sauce. BBQ Chipotle Sauce by G&B has a deep, smoky flavour and hellish spiciness - just divine for the enthusiasts of strongly seasoned dishes. Simply put, an extreme adventure with flavour.

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We have already mentioned BBQ Chipotle Sauce in the description of our BBQ Brown Sauce and pastrami sandwich recipe, its spiciness gives character to grilled dishes, steaks, burgers or good beef. Most importantly, this spiciness does not overwhelm the flavour of the dish, but emphasises it.

BBQ Chipotle Sauce is also recommended for ribs. Piotr Bassara has developed a fantastic recipe for American Style ribs in BBQ Rub marinade. One of its ingredients is G&B’s BBQ Chipotle Sauce. The final effect is culinary poetry.


This product may contain: eggs, soy, cereals containing gluten, mustard seeds.

Available sizes:
450g, 1000g, 5kg

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